Power Afghan

By: Paul Magnusson


About 8 pounds of wool yarn in dark and light contrasting shades.


With 3 strands worked together, Cast on 22 stitches. Work seed stitch for 6 rows. Work in stockinet stitch until 32 rows from beginning.

Change to a contrasting shade and knit in stockinet for 32 rows. Change to contrasting shade and repeat 32 rows. Repeat this procedure until the eighth color panel, working seed stitch for the last 6 rows.

Make six long strips, then two more strips for the left and right edges working seed stitch for 6 stitches on the outside edge.

Sew the 7 long seams using the blanket stitch from the right side of the afghan.

This afghan is intended to be VERY warm and large. It is knitted on #11 needles using three strands held together.