Strawberry Afghan

mestrawberry_blanketThis Afghan when done resembles strawberrys. Very beautiful and a flat fabric.

By: Sharon Bergersen

Needles 5.5mm US size 9

Woolease worsted weight yarn in red sprinkles (you can use any worsted weight yarn you like and change the name of your blanket)

Gauge approximately 4-5 sts per inch
Size: Approximately 40 X 60
Note: Always slip first and last stitch of every row as if to purl with yarn in front. This gives a nice chain selvedge.

Pattern stitch

Row 1 (Wrong side) *(k1, yo, k1) in the same st. p3 tog; rep from*
Row 2 *k1, p3; rep from *
Row 3 *k3, p1; rep from *
Row 4 *p1, k3: rep from *
Row 5 *p3 tog, (k1, yo, k1 ) in same stitch rep from *
Row 6 *p3, k1; rep from *
Row 7 *p1, k3; rep from*
Row 8 *k3, p1; rep from *

Strawberry Afghan

Cast on 242 sts and begin pattern rows above. Continue as established until you reach the suggested length or you are about to run out of yarn.

Cast off. Wash and lay flat to dry do not stretch.

Any worsted weight yarn can be used to make this afghan. You can, for example, use purple woolease and call your blanket purple strawberry blanket.