Kate’s Dishcloth

bikates_dishclothI made this cloth for my friend Kate. She loved it and made one for herself in a pretty variegated yarn. You can see a picture of Kate’s cloth on sknit on piture trail. Got to picture trail, visit albums, type in knits and go to the dishcloth album.

By: Sharon Bergersen

Sugar and cream worsted weight cotton. 1 ball (I used mandrin soft)
US size 7 (4.5 mm) needles.
Gauge not important in this project

Pattern note: You can make this cloth larger by adding more stitches.
Stitch Multiple: 6 sts. plus 3
Always slip first stitch with yarn in back of work as if to knit at beginning of every row.
Knit last stitch at end of every row.

1st and every alternate row (right side): knit
2nd row: Knit
4th and 6th rows: P3, *K3, p3; rep from * to end
8th and 10 rows: Knit
12th and 14th rows: k3, *p3, k3; rep from * to end.
16th row: knit.
Rep these 16 rows for pattern


Cast on 41 stitches following pattern note above for first and last stitches. Continue as established until cloth is long as you like ending on row 16 and casting off from right side in knit.