Last Night’s Dishcloth

bilast_nights_dishclothThis is a very easy cloth made in the chevron pattern, I gave it the name because I wanted a project that would be finished fast and started it the night before. Hence the name LAST NIGHT’S DISHCLOTH.

By: Sharon Bergersen


Sugar and cream (any worsted weight cotton will do)
Needles US size 7 (4.5 mm)
Gauge not important
Size 10X10

Seed stitch:

Row 1: *K1, p1, repeat from *
Repeat above for pattern *

Chevron Pattern:

Row 1: K1 *P7, k1; repeat from *
Row 2: P1 *k7, p1, repeat from *
Row 3: K2 *P5, k3; repeat from * end p5, k2.
Row 4: P2 *k5, p3; repeat from * end k5, p2.
Row 5: K3 *P3, k5; repeat from* end p3, k3.
Row 6: P3 *k3, p5; repeat from * end k3, p3.
Row 7: K4, *P1, k7, repeat from * end p1, k4.
Row 8: P4, *k1, p7, repeat from * end k1, p4.
Row 9: repeat row 2.
Row 10: repeat row 1.
Row 11: repeat row 4.
Row 12: repeat row 3.
Row 13: repeat row 6.
Row 14: repeat row 5.
Row 15: repeat row 8.
Row 16: repeat row 7.

Last Night’s Dishcloth:

Cast on 49 stitches and knit 5 rows in seed stitch.
Work 3 pattern repeats and then work rows 1 to 8 once more.

Next row:

Work row 7 of pattern. Beginning on right side, work 6 rows seed stitch patten above ending with wrong side.

Cast off from right side in pattern, weave in ends neatly and block into a perfect square or use to wash your dishes right away. 🙂