My First Dishcloth

This is the first cloth I made after being introduced to knitting dishcloths. Easy and fun.

By: sharon Bergersen

Cast on 1 st. Knit and increase into this stitch.

Repeat this row until you have four stitches on your needle. Then knit 2, YO, K2. Turn and K2, YO, K, K2. You are, on every row from now on, going to K2, YO, K across, for about 50-60 rows. You will now have a triangle on your needle.

To decrease:

K2, YO, K2tog, Knit across to last five sts. K2tog, K3. Continue until you have six sts. left on your needle. Then K2, K2 tog, K2 (4 sts rem.). Turn and K2 tog twice for 2 sts. rem. Turn and K2 tog. Leave about a 12-18″ tail and use this to single crochet a loop onto the corner of the cloth.

Cotton thread can be used to do these