Reversible Lozenge

Another fun pattern to make. If you make this before I do again. Please send a picture.

By: Sharon Bergersen


Worsted weight kitchen cotton 1 ball, I used varigated green because that is what I had in my stash.
Crochet hook: Size 3.5 Inox (used it because that is what I had)
CC colour: Knitters choice
Needles: Size 5 ((8MM)

Measurement: 11 inches high by 12 inches wide.

Stitch pattern: Multiple of 5

Row 1: *P1, k4, rep from *
Row 2 and 3 *P3, k2, rep from *
Row 4 *P1, k4, rep from *
Row 5 *K4, p1, rep from *
Row 6 and 7 *K2, p3, rep from *
Row 8 *K4, p1; rep from *

Reversible Lozengne Cloth:

Cast on 55 stitches and begin pattern sitch above.
Knit to the length given or until cloth is long enough to your liking. Make sure though that you have enough to cast off in pattern.

With contrasting yarn working from right to left work SS crochet around cloth and then from left to right work another row of single crochet. This is called crab stitch.

Finish off with a loop for hanging if you so desire. Block if you like.

Note: I think the pattern would show up on a none varigated yarn. Next time I knit this pattern I will try a non-varigated yarn. When working around cloth do make 3 single crochet in each corner in order to make the cloth lie flat.