Sharons Eyelet Facecloth

bisharons_eyelet_dishclothPretty in variegated or solid coloured cotton cloth and easy to knit. A great gift item and can be made in an afternoon.

By: Sharon Bergersen

Materials: Sugar and cream

Needles: Size 4.5/US suze 7mm

Border stitch:
Row 1: k1 p1
Repeat this row for pattern.

Eyelet Pattern:

Row 1: Right side, knit
Row 2: and all wrong side rows purl
Row 3: * k6 yo, k2 tog, repeat from*
Row 5: Knit
Row 7: K2, *yo, k2 tog, k6, repeat from * end last repeat k4.
Row 8: Purl

Sharon’s Eyelet Facecloth:

Using size 4.5 knitting needles cast on 54 stitches and knit 5 rows in border pattern above. Keeping 3 sts at each end of row in border pattern work row one of pattern stitch.

Continue eyelet pattern for 10.5 inches or desired length. Knit 5 rows in border pattern across all stitches.Cast off in pattern until you have 1 stitch left. E-cast on 2 stitches work I-cord long enough for hanging cast off last 3 stitches and fasten to corner of cloth.