Felted Snowman

The felt snowman project went much better than expected. I only had 30 minutes per group of 15 kids to get it done, and most of them did

By: ecleslie@aol.com

To Make:

Make 3 felt balls of appropriate size. To do this, roll wool roving into a ball, stuff in a nylon stocking if you wish and knot it. Wet it down, then add soap gel and keep rubbing. (I make soap gel by adding 1 c. of White King soap flakes to 1 gal. of hot water, let sit over night).

Keep rolling in your hand to keep it round. If using the sock, take out and keep rolling until hard, adding water and soap gel to keep it going. If you have access to both hot and cold water, the change in temperature speeds it up.

The kids were able to make a passable ball inabout 5 min. I had precut from my pile of polar fleece scraps, little circles which I sewed onto the head, then run the thread through all three balls and back. Then the kids took a piece of precut fleece (a small strip) rolled it up and glued it on top to make the hat. Use permanent markers to decorate the face and front. Tie a scarf of red and green yarn. If you are doing this at home, put all three balls in a stocking and throw in the washer. It makes a nice hard ball.

Yes, it was very messy, but the teacher

thought it was great and everyone (me too!) had fun.

As far as dying with kids in class, I would try doing solar kool-aid dye. I haven’t done it in a long time, but I think we just put the koolaid and vinegar and wool and water in a jar and left it outside until we like the color.