Knitted Back Scrubber

Hope you enjoy making and using these back scrubbers. Sounds like fun.


Cast on 10 stitches with tulle, just as it comes from the spool. (It will bunch itself up very nicely without any effort on your part.)

Knit 30 rows of garter stitch (i.e., knit every row) – 15 ridges.

Bind off.


With Sugar and Cream yarn and “J” hook, make a slip knot and anchor it with a slip stitch at the right edge of one end of the scrubber.

Sc (single crochet) in each knit st. across the end of the scrubber, enclosing the cast-on or bind-off “tail” as you go.

Secure with another slip stitch. This will be one end of the handle.

Chain 40, slip st in first sc made you have just attached the other end of the handle). Ch 1, then sc in each ch of handle. Secure with slip st. Snip yarn and run end under sc stitches along end of scrubber.

Repeat for second handle.

Copyright Kate Winkler, 1997