Knitted Mesh Christmas

Happy Christmas

By: Janet Szabo


Gold metallic Knit-Cro-Sheen (gold thread with a metallic wrapping strand)
Pair size 8 or 9 needles OR a knitting machine
Plain satin ball ornaments (can be had at Wal-mart in boxes of 50 for $6.97)

Cast on 24 sts and knit (either garter or stockinette) for 30 rows. Piece should be nice and loose — think “mesh”. Cast off and darn in ends. Wrap around satin ball and tie with gold ribbon, leaving a “pouf” of fabric at the top.

I did mine on my mid-gauge knitting machine, at a tension of 8 (same number of sts and rows). I’m planning to knock a bunch of these out to sell at our weaving guild bazaar next month.

I also took a bunch of old sweaters found at thrift stores that I had felted, intending to do something with them — I cut two pieces, sewed them together, sewed bias tape around the bottom for a border, and voila! — instant tea cozy. These will also go on sale next month.

Happy knitting to all, Janet Szabo