Sock knitting patterns

  • Bulky Yarn Booty
  • Camille’s Boot Socks
  • Colour Around Socks
  • EZ Ripple Socks
  • Foot Papooses
  • Hop Scotch Socks
  • Joan’s Socks
  • Mens Berlin Socks (Aka Jarle’s Sailor)
  • MIL Socks (AKA My Mother- in- Law’s Socks)
  • Mother- in-Law’s Socks
  • Quick Knit Eyelets
  • Rib it to me socks
  • Shell Socks
  • Simple Zig Zag Eyelet Socks/KLLP69
  • Tulip Socks
  • Winter Blue’s SoX
  • Socks are the hottest item to knit on the Net. They are fun, fast, great to wear and very portable, have fun.

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