Colour Around Socks

bicolouraround2jpg_copyIn my attempt to use up some left over yarn I designed this pattern. I wasn’t successful, as a matter of fact I had to purchase more yarn to complete the socks. Oh well.

2 balls sport weight yarn, 1 ball main colour
1 ball contrasting colour of your choice
Needle Size: US 3 / 3.25 mm, US 2 / 2.75mm
Socks is given in two sizes: Medium and Large

Pattern Note: Please send me an email in order to obtain the chart for this pattern if you are interested in making it.

Pattern is worked around instep and bottom of foot. Heel is worked on 60% of the stitches.
Size 2 needles are used for heel and toes.

Pattern: Stitch
Rnds 1-6 and 8-10: Knit
Rnd 7: Purl

Ribbing and Leg:

Cast on (48) 56 stitches with main colour dividing evenly amount 4 needles, 12, 12, 12, 12 (14, 14, 14, 14) . Make a cross over join being careful not to twist. Place a coilless pin in your first stitch this is the beginning of your rounds and centre of heel. Work k1, p1 ribbing for 2 inches, knit one round even ending with needle number 4. Beginning with needle number 1 and pattern stitch above work changing colours as indicated on chart for about 7 inches. End round 8 before starting the heel.

smchartcolourBegin Heel:

NOTE: Heel is worked in rows on (28) 34 stitches.

Begin Short Row Shaping:

Row 1: Knit across stitches until the last stitch place marker, Turn.

Row 2: Purl across row until the last stitch, place marker, Turn.

Row 3: Knit across the row until the stitch before the marker, turn remove marker slip last stitch to left hand needle, replace marker.

Row 4: Purl across to the stitch before the marker, turn remove marker slip next stitch to left hand needle replace marker knit to stitch before marker turn remove marker slip stitch to left hand needle replace marker.

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until 10 stitches remain unworked. End ready for a right side row.

Reverse Short Row Shaping:

NOTE: You will find your short rows will be more attractive if you pick up a stitch between the gaps and knit or purl them together with the turned stitches

Row 1: Knit across to the next stitch,remove marker slip this stitch, pick up a stitch in the gap in the row below and knit it together with the slipped stitch.

Row 2: Purl across to the next turned stitch, slip the stitch pick up a stitch in the gap in the row below and knit togeher with the stitch slipped stitch. Turn.

For the rest of the shaping you will be slipping a stitch and picking up a stitch and knitting these two stitches together.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have worked all turned stitches. Be sure to pick up a slip stitch in the gap in the row below and knit it with the turned stitch you have slipped. This prevents holes.

Sock Foot:

Continue in pattern across instep and foot until your sock is 2 inches shorter than you would like.

Begin Short Row Toe:

Knitting a short row toe is identical to knitting a short row heel. Begin knitting on heel needle(s) only
following Short Row Shaping instructions described earlier in this pattern.

Your short row toe has now been turned. Graft toe closed.

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